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Life insurance no medical exam no waiting period

Welcome to Online Insurance Quotes, where we offer the best life insurance companies with no medical exam and no waiting period. Our no medical term life insurance is an easy process. We also inform you which of the following best describes term life insurance and the pros and cons verses other life insurance policies.  Our process is free, easy to apply, and 100% online. What took several weeks to apply, can now be done in a few minutes, so you can focus on what matters. Most of our applicants don’t even need a medical exam and have no waiting period to be insured.

life insurance companies with no medical exam and no waiting period

Life Insurance Overview

We offer some of the best no medical exam life insurnace companies that are reputable providers with industry experience and top financial strength ratings. We receommend the companies that offer same day coverage if you don't want to risk of not having insurance.

What Is No Medical Exam Life Insurnace?

A no medical exam life insurance policy is an insurance policy that will not require a customer to have a medical exam before purchasing insurance coverage. You will get coverage much faster for term life or whole life insurance.

Who is eligible for no medical exam life insurance?

Almost everyone is eligible for a no medical exam life insurance policy. You can be healthy and looking to get a term insurance policy or a senior with maybe medical challenges looking for protection up to the age of 89.

Why consider a no medical exam life insurance policy?

The no medical life insurance is not only a convenient option if you don't want to deal with the hassles, but it may be the best choice if you don't qualify for the more traditional life insurance policy due to your previous health history. If you're in good to excellent health and don't mind waiting and taking exams, then you might prefer going through a medical exam, which will get you higher coverage for better rates.

What are the costs i can expect from a no medical life insurance?

Prices will vary for no medical life insurance policies depending on which state your reside in currently. The other factors that contribute to your rate are your biological sex, age, and the amount of the policy coverage. Remember the older you are the more expensive the premiums will be on your life insurance policy and the younger you are, the lower your premiums will cost.

What is a waiting period for no exam life insurance?

A waiting period in life insurance is normally two years but can be up to four years. If you're asking yourself, do all life insurance policies have a waiting period, or what life insurance has no waiting period, the answer is no. There is life insurance with no waiting period and no medical exams. Underwriters factor in the risk when quoting a premium for the life insurance policy.

No Medical Term Life Insurance

No Medical Exam No Waiting Period

Our life insurance with no medical exam and no waiting period is instant insurance. We provide a decision on your life insurance application the moment you complete it. After approval, the only step left to activate your policy is your payment.

Family Protection for the ones you love

So often we plan to get around to getting life insurance but many times, it gets put on the back burner. We're here to help make it easy with our simplified process. Our clients love not having to take an exam or give blood and protect their family.

No Medical Term Insurance

Unlike regular term life insurance, no blood is drawn, no needles, and no urine samples. Additionally, there is no waiting period. When the policy application is submitted, a decision will be made in minutes, if not seconds. As a result, you will typically be insured the very same day.

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